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Jay Lefevers' Cancer on the Brain is an inspiring and thought-provoking glimpse into one man's journey through two bouts of cancer, all the while keeping a positive attitude and concentrating on being an exemplary father, husband, employer, coach and friend. What an example Jay gives us - to continue to live a fulfilling and giving life regardless of the trials that befall us. Even in light of the challenges he faces,Jay holds his head high and handles his situation with grace and good humor, never self-indulging, but constantly thinking of others and how he can better their lives.

This book causes the reader to face his or her own mortality, realizing that Jay's story could be our story in a few years - or tomorrow. His lesson is important: No one is spared life-threatening illness or death, and it is important that we make the most of our time here on earth, always doing our part and directing our energy toward making the world a better place and impr0ving the lives of all people we come in contact with.

This book is a great read, and I highly recommend it. It will certainly make you examine your own life and whether you are making your best contribution toward helping others and being a positive role model. Kathy J. - Amazon

I first heard about "Cancer on the Brain" from a friend of mine who read this book and liked it immensely! I picked up a copy of the book and decided to give it a shot; and to be honest, I half expected that I would use it as a bathroom book or possibly read a page or two before bed, boy was I in for a surprise when I couldn't put it down! I read the entire book in 3 days and was shocked at how the book made me feel. I knew it was based on a true story but the shear emotion that I felt for this complete stranger was overwhelming. This is not just a book for men or women with cancer or a brain tumor...this is a book for people looking to be inspired, for the average hard working person who has faced challenges and, unlike your typical survival story, this book will make you laugh out loud, scratch your head, and will make you think twice about how YOU choose to spend your life. J. M. - Amazon
Never Give Up, Never Give In!

An inspirational story about how to work with doctors to overcome the diagnosis of cancer. How persistence and a positive but realistic outlook are a winning combination in baseball, conquering illness, and facing all sorts of challenges at work, at home and in life. An easy read told with good humor and a realistic optimism. How to lift the spirt of all around you even when the challenges you face yourself can be daunting. A must read! mywatx - Amazon
Heartwarming and Courageous Story

I started this book, expecting to need some tissues close, and to just have a terribly sad day after I finished it, but that didn't really happen. Not because it wasn't upsetting, or sad that this wonderful person and family went through this, but because the author has an amazing sense of humor.

This is a wonderful book, one of those kinds that leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and Jay Lefevers, really does an excellent job conveying his feelings through the pages of this book. I commend him for his whole attitude during this whole ordeal, and as much as he is a hero to his baseball team, he will end up being a hero for you when you read his book.

Of course, there were several sad parts, and very crushing moments. Especially when he had to tell his wife about what the doctors had found. But, even through all of it, he kept his humor, his positive attitude, and held everything together, as much if not more then anybody can expect from a cancer patient.

I really enjoyed reading his story about how he met his wife, about their children, his baseball team, and I could relate to the sections about the goofball doctors, the odd things that happen at the doctors office, and the weird phone calls that sometimes seem to make no sense at all. I was happy to know I wasn't alone in thinking doctors are a bit "weird" sometimes;)

I can't say we have anybody in our family that has had cancer, but we have had our share of medical mysteries, and medical issues. We have always taken a positive approach, even though it is very hard to keep that going all the time. The author and his family are admirable in many ways, and I am grateful for having read this book, and being reminded just how strong and powerful, people really are.

I would recommend this book for cancer survivors, patients, families of cancer survivors, any disease or illness really, as this book may just provide a few laughs and smiles along the way! Brandy O. - Amazon
Good Read and a Memoir

This book is a memoir written by the same person this book is about and what a miraculous story he tells. It starts off with alot many of us know about, the inept of our healthcare system but particularly some doctors. The author had a true heart and his heart was very much involved in his writing from his first notices of a problem to not letting that problem get him down. I think with all that he accomplished and shared not only with his family and friends but the "troubled" kids he was involved with his true passion prevails.

This book is a memoir so it tells of his struggles, his ups and downs, his hurt and happiness and the truth he was a "TRUE" fighter and wasnt going to let any illness get him down. His passion for the kids was awe inspiring, his ability to bring his company to a higher level was outstanding, being able to keep the family together and never giving up is something alot of us should follow.

If you are looking for a true book on courage that will put a smile on your face and a smile in your heart look no further. Christy - Amazon
Hopeful story

Jay Lefevers brings you into his life in this memoir CANCER ON THE BRAIN. This is an account of the author's life from the time he was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2005 to the time he kicked cancer's butt in 2009.

Lefevers tells you how he built his business and found the love of his life -- his second wife, while he continued to coach a little league baseball team. When his leg started going numb and spasming, Lefevers tried to find an answer, but his doctor would not give him one, treating Lefevers as an irritant. Well, he said "Bye bye" to that doctor, found another one and had his life turned upside down with the diagnosis of a brain tumor. Three surgeries later, he defeated that cancer, but it came back in his lymph nodes until he beat it back one more time.
Now, I have no idea who Lefevers is. I am not familiar with his business or any aspect of his life, but after reading this, I have to give this man props. He fought against and beat the odds and then proceeded to write an engaging book. Trust me. I am very critical of memoirs. Most of the time, I cannot finish them and they put me to sleep. I picture beating my head repeatedly into a hornet's nest most of the time when I read memoirs. Surprisingly, this was not the case with this book.

It was engaging. It was touching. It was funny. Lefevers wrote it with depth and emotion. You can feel it in every sentence. Now, cancer has touched my life, as it has many other people's. I have lost more than two family members to it. It sucks! I do not know of one single person who has not been affected by cancer in one way or another. If you want a book that is real about the horrors and the unknowns of cancer, yet is uplifting and humorous, this is the book for you, whether you yourself are fighting it or watching a loved one in the battle.
Bravo, Lefevers! Keep fighting the good fight! Lana B. - Amazon

When I read the title I was reminded of my High School friend who is winning is battle with Leukemia. He wrote an online journal and a book which I have read. He always made statements about how "cancer is always on your mind." So I was unsure if this story would relate to dealing with the emotional toll of Cancer or if this man's battle was cancer on the brain. I know most people would pick cancer is on the brain.

Indeed Jay did have a cancerous tumor on his brain! On top of battling all that comes with cancer Jay coaches baseball and heads up a successful company!

This story is encouraging to many and is a quick read due to the authors humor! :)  When I expected to read a story that would bring many tears back just reliving my personal story I actually found myself laughing instead. Beyond the humor inside the story Jay does a great job of being real and gentle but most importantly INSPIRING! I will admit that anyone who gets cancer, fights cancer, and lives to tell there story has received a gift. A gift of a new life because life is never taken advantage of after going through surgeries, chemo, radiation, and the many drugs. This is a good read for anyone! Apesjoy - Amazon
Funny and Heartwarming

When I signed up to review Cancer on the Brain, courtesy of Emerald Book Company in exchange for an honest review, I really didn't know what expect as I don't read memoirs, but I thought I would give the memoir genre a try. Surprisingly the author never tries to push a spiritual revelation onto the reader, but instead he uses humor, and creative narration to tell his inspirational journey.

What I like about Jay Lefevers is that he is an ordinary man, who runs his own real estate company, Lefevers' Viewpoint Group. He loves spending time with his family, and coaching Junior/Senior Little League as he has always been a die-hard baseball fan. Even after having a tumor removed from his brain and after surviving non-Hodgkin's, Jay always had a positive attitude and moved forward with life, from taking his family on vacation, helping the kids on the Little League team, and running a successful business.

I had an aunt who went gone through and concurred cancer, and I have even had a brief cancer scare myself a few years back. I thought Cancer on the Brain would be a depressing topic to read, but the author uses humor with the everyday cancer situations that he came across. I especially enjoyed the support system he received from his family and friends, especially the part when he went into work to find his employees had shaved off their heads. Cancer on the Brain is funny and heartwarming. I recommend the book to all readers. Coffee Addicted Writer - Amazon

When I first got this book I wasn't to sure if I wanted to read it I mean it was after all I true story of someone with cancer and usually these types of stories never end well. However I sucked it up and dove in and was very surprised. Not only was this book powerful and poignant but it was a very honest look at what life was like for some one fighting cancer. Jay not only used his great sense of humor to take through his journey but he also gave us his total honesty on how it was. This was truly an inspiring read and I was really glad I chose to read it. A definite two thumbs up. Rebecca B. - Amazon
Powerful Inspirational Story by Jay Lefevers

This book was exciting from beginning to end. Jay Lefevers takes the reader on a journey through two tough medical/health battles and the strong courage to coach an inner city youth baseball team. This amazing story shows the value between father/daughter relationship. I encourage everyone to purchase this book and impact our families and communities through Jay Lefevers story of "Cancer on the Brain." Tangry - Amazon
Real Life!

"Cancer on the Brain" is a must read for anyone who's life has been affected by cancer. Whether one has fought it, or is supporting a fighter, "Cancer on the Brain" is a personal and poignant first hand experience of a man who is a father, husband & business owner. This is a `real life' that this vile disease has tried to overcome... This man wouldn't let it. In a word, "Powerful!" Yule17 - Amazon

I received this book yesterday and I couldn't put it down. I even stayed up past my bedtime so that I could finish. Mr. Lefevers' tales of these two life changing events as well as his outlook were very inspirational. You never know how you will deal with medical situations like these, but his humor, attitude, strength as well as his love and supporting family got him through. I highly recommend this book. Sabrina - Amazon

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