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My latest investment: The Hero of Color City, a new animated film

I'm an immense movie buff, and am thrilled about one of my most recent film investments coming out Oct. 3: The Hero of Color City. That's the trailer above, and I'm sure you'll recognize the voices of movie stars Christina Ricci, Craig Ferguson, Rosie Perez and Wayne Brady.

The setup is simple: When young Ben falls asleep, his crayons jump into a magical crayon box which transports them to Color City, fed by an enchanted rainbow. But when a powerful monster, an unfinished drawing, is unleashed, it's up to our heroine, Yellow, to save the day.

The movie is coming to theaters Oct. 3 and to iTunes through the powerful indie film company Magnolia Pictures.

This is the second film I've invested in. The first, 2011's Another Happy Day, starred Ellen Barkin and Demi Moore. I'm really proud of The Hero of Color City —it's an inspiring, fun movie with amazing animation. Mark your calendars for Oct. 3!

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